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Welcome to Tanith Interiors

Tanith Trading is a privately incorporated company involved in the sale of unique items of cutlery and faux leather bed covers of irresistible quality. The company is dedicated to providing a unique range of kitchen and bedroom materials to its customers in fulfilment of its promise of irresistible quality. Tanith seeks to establish successful lasting partnerships with clients, staff members and all relevant stakeholders, which respect the interests and goals of each party. As an ambitious and result oriented company, Tanith seeks to provide imported superior quality products that include the following:

  • Stainless steel cookware 
  • Stainless steel cutlery 
  • Faux leather bed covers 
  • Other related products which our valued customers may request 

What We Aim For.....


To be the premier provider of rightly priced kitchen and bedroom solutions by consistently delivering on our customer promise and creating enduring value for all our stakeholders locally and regionally.


To be an innovative and visible partner of superior quality and unique kitchen and bedroom products.


  • Excellence 
  • Integrity 
  • Sustainability 

Economic Environment

The present economic environment is characterized by liquidity challenges as industry continues to operate below capacity and many companies are finding it difficult and closing. The economy is also characterised by high unemployment, low exports and lack of balance of payments support, as well as exploitation of the general public by unscrupulous business people. 

The absence of viable industry has meant that the local people are deprived of many locally made commodities thereby creating opportunities for companies in the import business. 

Many of the stainless steel products and bedding materials like faux leather bed covers are imported from countries like China, Egypt and Turkey, which makes it uneconomic for individuals to import the products on their own. 

The recent infrastructural development being funded by ZINARA through the South African financiers has meant employment opportunities for mainly rural folks and an increase in rural to urban migration. In the outlook period 2015 and beyond, the hope is for the inflation to remain low due to fiscal discipline by government as it tries to persuade the Bretton Woods institutions to return to Zimbabwe. 

This might lead to the slight increase in public spending through the Bretton Woods institutions funding.

Our Business Philosophy

We do not seek merely to expand our business volume; rather we are dedicated to the use of our unique relationships and networking skills to contribute to culture, benefits and welfare of all our stakeholders. 

It is the intention of Tanith to grow in tandem with our staff, encouraging and helping them attain their full potential and improve their standard of living. Our future success and prosperity is directly linked to the prosperity of our customers and the other entire stakeholders. 

  Company Ownership 

The company is wholly owned by indigenous Zimbabweans.

Market Analysis

Since dollarization, the country has been characterized by relative increase in imports from the Chinese market mainly of low quality. As the country was coming from a period when food was the main priority, there was a high demand for the products from China regardless of the low quality. Presently there seem to be a shift of customer appetite from low quality to high quality products. This has resulted in the opening up of new markets which have stiff competition on pricing and quality. Tanith’s focus on unique products of superior quality would enable the company to outmanoeuvre its competitors.